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Client Testimonials
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Julie was there instantly for me, from the first time I called. She has been patient and nonjudgmental at times when I was testy in getting to know and trust her. She has stood by me in my financial duress. I feel the freedom and luxury of being able to go almost anywhere with her. I can share the most rugged or obscure things and she gets it. Other times I can bring up a book or some cutting edge idea I’ve learned about and I enjoy feeling like I’m talking with an academic or fellow philosopher. Sometimes, I feel like I’m just talking with a friend about life. I enjoy how casual and real the atmosphere is with her, yet how profound what we accomplish. Every time I see her I realize at a new level just how good she is at what she does. She retrieves things from her prolific notes about me and provides insights and information that help me think and change at a deep level. Somehow, in all of this, she never forces an agenda. Always, she honors my interpretations of things first. How she balances all these dynamics is amazing to me, especially since I am impatient by nature. I’ve grown as a woman and a person through her. I look forward to how much I gain each time I visit her—I see walls coming down in my life. She makes me want to recommend counseling to everyone. I was lucky enough to get her.

Gina A.

It’s great to have a professional like Julie provide the tools that can help in understanding the landscape of the problem being dealt with.  Her expertise and knowledge enables quick growth past troubling difficulties, at a rate much faster than trying to tackle it on my own.

Scott G.

    My husband and I went to see Julie Unger for couples therapy as a last resort.  She was so caring, objective, and a great listener.  She helped us to sort through our feelings, communicate more and better, understand and set goals in our relationship and gave us the tools to get back on track.  Five years later our relationship is strong, fulfilling, loving, caring, supportive, filled with mutual respect and he's my best friend too.  I don’t think my marriage would've survived if it wasn't for her help, and now it's better than ever.

Renee L.

As I sat in Julie Unger’s office for the first time, I felt trepidation knowing I was going to be opening an emotional wound.  Not only is my emotional well being improved, but my physical ailments have decreased as well.  If you are looking for a conscientious, caring, empathic listener to help you no matter what your issue(s), I can truthfully say Julie has empowered me to heal.  She manages to create a therapeutic alliance that is comfortable, while at the same time gently nudging me toward peace of mind.  Good luck to all of you who choose Julie to guide you on your path to wellness.

Juanita W.

In the short time that I have been visiting Julie as a therapist. I have enjoyed the sessions because she creates a safe and warm atmosphere, where a person who wants growth, can.

Winter M.

I came to Julie Unger during one of the most difficult times in my life.  My friend’s suicide left me broken, lost and confused.  Julie’s support and expertise, especially in grief counseling, gave me the tools to get through such a rough period.  I was completely comfortable opening up to her and don’t know how I would have gotten through my sadness without her.  I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to come to her for counseling, and I would go back to her in the future if I ever need any more help.

Brittany H.

When first meeting with Julie Unger I was scared, beaten down emotionally, defensive, aggressive, paranoid and at times, I feel, rude.  Julie was patient, kind, understanding, warm, nonjudgmental, and consistently treated me in that manner until I gradually felt safe, unafraid, trusted her, and let my guard down.  I have come to know that Julie is extremely intelligent and has experience and extensive knowledge in numerous areas of mental health.  She is a woman of high integrity, honestly cares about her clients' well being, and is compassionate and committed to helping her clients succeed on their road to wellness.  She addresses both emotional and physical issues that affect an individual as a whole.  Julie stays current in the most advanced treatments and therapies.  She has been known to attend seminars on timely subjects directly relating to specific clients in order to better address their needs.  Julie is very flexible, approachable, and can be reached virtually anytime, even when it is necessary for her to be out of town.  She respects my privacy which allows me to feel comfortable to discuss whatever I would like with her.  Julie offers viable solutions to everyday problems and dilemmas.  She has extensive knowledge of resources available to accommodate clients' needs, whether they be financial or otherwise.  Julie's willingness to make clients feel at ease is evidenced by her casual, comfortable, relaxed, office setting.  I feel progress in therapy is contingent upon an individual's willingness to do the work necessary to heal.  Julie encourages, supports, and empowers me to move forward even in the most painful and difficult areas of my therapy.  As in every profession, there are individuals that are excellent at what they do and those who merely go through the motions.  Julie is excellent at what she does and does it well.  She truly understands, is empathetic, and most importantly, she listens.  I highly recommend Julie Unger as a therapist.

Kate K.

Julie Unger provides kindness and profound wisdom working with patients.  I have progressed further then I ever imagined in the three months I've been working with her.  I appreciate her and her approach to counseling.  Thank you Julie!

Kathy J.


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