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Marriage, Divorce and Parenting
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Parenting Advice For Teens and Parenting Counseling

There are six problem areas in a marriage that tend to bring couples in for parenting counseling.  Problems in any of the following areas can seriously weaken a marriage: communication, intimacy, money, sex, in-laws and childrearing.  I am comfortable helping couples with all six areas, as well as other issues they are struggling with in their marriage.

Many couples wait until their problems have become overwhelming before they seek parenting advice.  Some couples don’t seek counseling until one of them has already decided to leave the marriage.  Sometimes one of them is already involved in an affair.  While I have helped couples in all those situations repair their marriage and stay together, sometimes it really is too late and the couple ends up moving on to divorce.

Currently, about 52% of first marriages end in divorce.  Second marriages end at an even higher rate, but third marriages end at a much lower one.  Every person who gets a divorce passes through a progression of emotional phases afterwards, whether the person is the one who wants the divorce or not.  I help people struggle with their feelings as they go through this normal sequence of emotions.

During the hands-on parenting years, it can be difficult for a couple to keep the romance alive in their marriage.  Differences in parenting styles can add further stress to the marriage.  Tension in the marriage can cause problems in the children, making parenting even more difficult.  If a couple does get a divorce, children may respond with additional emotional problems.  In all these situations, I can help with parenting advice for teens and parenting advice.

Parenting teens is often the most difficult parenting period.  The normal emotional task of teens, figuring out who they are, can lead to behavior that drives their parents crazy.  In addition, there are the serious worries that every parent is concerned about: sex, drugs and alcohol.  I can help teens make healthy choices for themselves.  I can teach teens and their parents ways to stay positively connected during those difficult years.   I love working with teens, both alone and with their families. 

Helpful books:

For a healthy marriage:

“The New Rules of Marriage”, Terrence Real
“How Can I Get Through to You”, Terrence Real.
“Intimate Partners”, Maggie Scarf

For divorce:

“Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce”, Abigail Trafford.
“What About the Kids?”, Judith Wallerstein

For parenting:

“How to Talk So Kids Will Listen”, Faber and Mazlish
“Parenting from the Inside Out”, Daniel Siegel
“The Shelter of Each Other”, Mary Pipher
“Taming the Dragon in Your Child”, Meg Eastmen
“Reviving Ophelia”, Mary Piper

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