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Drugs and Alcohol
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Drug Addiction Counseling and Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Studies show that close to half the people who struggle with depression also struggle with alcoholism or other addiction.  Often people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate underlying mental health problems.  The trouble is, especially for those who carry the genetic predisposition for addiction, the drugs or alcohol become the problem, instead of a way to cope with other problems.  Depression and anxiety can develop in response to using drugs and alcohol, too.  I help people learn other ways to cope with their underlying problems, whether they are mental health issues, life stresses, or just plain addiction.  I strongly emphasize the need for abstinence and I make referrals to both community resources and psychiatrists as appropriate. Get the drug addiction counseling you need today!

I also work with people who have already made a choice to get clean and sober.  When you stop using drugs and alcohol, you may experience some depression and anxiety as you transition to a clean and sober lifestyle.  I  may use my cognitive behavioral curriculum (CBT) to teach new coping styles.  Drug and alcohol addiction often causes severe problems in a marriage which I address with marriage counseling. Sign up for alcohol abuse counseling today!

Symptoms of addiction to drugs or alcohol and that you need alcohol and drug counseling:

You need more and more of your substance to feel its effects.
You experience symptoms of withdrawal when you are without your substance.
You often use more than you plan or for a longer period of time.
You have tried to cut down on use, but haven’t been able to.
You spend a lot of time getting, using or recovering from your substance.
You miss social, work or recreational activities because of your substance.
You have driven while impaired.
You have been arrested or had other legal problems because of use.
You use even though you know your substance is hurting you or your life. 

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