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Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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Depression Counseling and Bipolar Counseling

Some general community screenings for depression, done by mental health professionals at health fairs and other public events, have indicated that close to half the American population meet the criteria for this disorder at given times.  There are effective forms of bipolar depression treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  I use a CBT curriculum that I’ve put together from many sources over the past ten years and most of my clients don’t even have to complete the whole program before they are doing much better and are ready to be done with depression counseling and bipolar counseling. 

Bipolar Disorder, previously referred to as Manic Depression, is a condition which includes major shifts in mood.  There are usually periods when you experience symptoms of depression and other times when you experience symptoms of euphoria and grandiosity or symptoms of extreme irritability.  These shifts may occur over long periods of time, like months or years, or they may occur rapidly, sometimes even in the course of one day. Get bipolar depression treatment today!

Symptoms of depression may include:

Feeling sad or blue almost every day
Loss of interest in activities
Loss of motivation to work or even take personal care of oneself
Sleep problems             
Low energy
Trouble concentrating or making decisions
Low self-esteem
Thoughts of death or suicide

Symptoms of bipolar disorder may include periods of:

Extremely elevated or irritable mood           
Increase in goal-directed activity
Talking a lot and very rapidly
Decreased need for sleep
Excessive Impulsivity
Racing thoughts
Incredibly high self-esteem

Individuals with either depression or bipolar disorder can benefit from medication along with counseling.  People with bipolar disorder especially may need medication. 

Helpful books:

For depression:
– “Darkness Visible”, William Styron
– “I Don’t Want to Talk About It”, Terrence Real

For bipolar disorder
– “An Unquiet Mind” by Kay Redfield Jamison
– “The Bipolar Child”, Demitri & Janice Papolos

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